We need you.

Caritas House is a permanent and growing public care resource.

Three ways to join the Caritas House Family.

  1. DONATE: For financial contributions contact CAM directly by email or call us at (868) 637-8689
  2. VOLUNTEER: Interested in giving back to the community? Please don’t hesitate. We also have a complete training program for community outreach workers.
  3. SUPPLIES and MATERIALS: We can always use help with ongoing operations. Stationery, cleaning, general healthcare supplies, office furniture, building materials, hospital beds, maintenance tools and supplies, etc.

Contact CAM (Caritas AIDS Ministry) directly by email or call us at Telephone (868) 637-8689.

Fundraising for Caritas AIDS Ministry is a combination of self support activities, financial assistance and government support.

The Caritas House launch was officially implemented at the Trinidad Hilton on December 03, 2004 by way of CAM’s self support activities and the generous donations of individuals and organizations everywhere. Fundraising and support are key.

Thank you.

We are always grateful to those who have given, and continue to give of their time and donations in recent years. This compassion has brought us to where we are today. Because of you, we are making inroads into the your communities, and those inroads will continue to grow.

We are all shareholders in what the Caritas AIDS Minsitry has become.

Contact CAM (Caritas AIDS Ministry) directly by email or call us at (868) 637-8689.