It all started in 1989 with a small and determined group of dedicated community volunteers.

Home Care Assistant Training Program provides expanded and formalized training to community members willing to volunteer and care for HIV/AIDS persons in their homes. Volunteers are always welcomed.

CAM (Caritas AIDS Ministry) was founded in 1989. It is a non-profit charitable organization fueled by dedicated community volunteers and with ongoing, growing charitable support.

New training and conference facilities enables us to grow our volunteer base.

New training and conference facilities enables us to grow our volunteer base.

The humble beginnings started with 12 trained volunteers which has since grown and trained another 45 Home Care Assistants in partnership with other organizations from 1993 to 2002. These Home Care Assistants provide information and family counseling. CAM is now managed by a seven member board lead by Chairman / Founder Malcolm Joseph.

Caritas has grown in Trinidad thanks to partnership alliances with organizations like National AIDS Program, United Nations Agency for International Development, Pan American Health Organization, and others. Bringing together organizations in a working relationship to provide care to those living with HIV/AIDS and prevention interventions.

The true foundation of Caritas House

Mount Saint Benedict contributed the land on their grounds, a gift that will surely be an inspiring surroundings for the staff and occupants of the Caritas House facilities.

Why the urgent need for Caritas House?

Caritas understands the urgent need for suitable respite care to support HIV/AIDS persons and their families to enhance what is available by current providers. Caritas House will better fulfil meeting the needs of affected and financially stressed families.

Home Care Workers Training Objectives

  • Formalized Home Care Services to person with AIDS.
  • Mechanism for referral of patients to these services.
  • Support communities with trained volunteer role models and educators for families and the communities everywhere.
  • In 2002, training in the Anti-Retroviral Program (partnered by PAHO and Management Research Foundation) added insights into motives and behaviors related to medication and complying with treatment regimes.

Contact CAM (Caritas AIDS Ministry) directly by email or call us at (868) 637-8689.